About Us

Wagner Consultant Group (WCG) founded by Carl E. Wagner, President is an Environmental Consulting firm located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area of Texas. WCG possesses the resources and veteran staff to address a broad range of environmental concerns including Lead Safe Work Practices and Worker Safety and Protection along with providing cost-effective consulting services to our valued clients.

Carl Wagner has accumulated over twenty five years of experience in the construction industry. Has experiences include the management and oversight of two three-year, three million dollar grants for lead remediation for city government . Other projects included interim controls on smaller projects to lead abatement for larger projects for where he was direct supervisor for a team of six contractors hired to perform lead remediation.

Beginning in 2000, Housing Urban Development (HUD) requires dwellings receiving federal funding to address lead based paint in houses and child occupied facilities built prior to 1978. He was instrumental in over 4000 homes being made lead safe.

Since the inception of Wagner Consultant Group, Mr. Wagner has participated in and conducted the management of projects related to lead based paint. He has designed projects, evaluated environmental conditions, and performed inspections and assessments along with conducting project management for lead abatement projects.

Prior to starting Wagner Consultant Group, Mr. Wagner has over twenty five years in the remodeling and building industry. His construction experience included the management and supervision of subcontractors. Additionally, he was charged with supervising all aspects of construction and repair work in progress and the performance of final inspection for compliance with scope of work. His experience as a general contractor has added credibility to his capacity for providing training from a construction perspective.

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